Fast Facts

  • HCM is the most common cause of heart-related sudden death in people under 30.
  • HCM is the most common cause of sudden death in young athletes.
  • HCM often goes undetected.
  • Annual mortality rate from HCM estimates range from 1-6%.
  • HCM occurs in 1 in 500 people and is the most common genetic cardiovascular condition.
  • Every year, 1 in every 43,770 U.S. athletes dies from sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Basketball is the sport with the highest proportion of deaths: 1 in every 9,000
  • Every year 125-200 athletes will die and 33% will have HCM—approximately one per week.
  • HCM is not curable, but it can be managed.
  • Every minute that passes after sudden cardiac arrest reduces survival by 7-10%.
  • Immediate CPR and defibrillation with an AED can more than double the victim’s chance of survival.


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