AEDs are a crucial life-saving tool. Why doesn’t every US school have one?

WASHINGTON (TND) — A simple device that could save lives is missing from many of the places that need it the most: schools. When a sudden cardiac arrest happens, automatic external defibrillators, or AEDs, can prevent tragedy, especially at schools, where young athletes are at risk. But a Spotlight on America investigation revealed a patchwork  [Read More...]

‘Luck and professionalism’ kept a Maryland fan alive after a cardiac arrest at Iowa

Nearly five decades ago, as Stan Goldstein’s interest in Maryland basketball had begun to swell, he watched an ACC championship game from his apartment in College Park. The Terrapins lost an overtime thriller, and North Carolina State, the conference tournament champion, went on to win the 1974 national title. Goldstein didn’t like that he had  [Read More...]