In A Heartbeat Monthly Newsletter – March 2024

March 15, 2024

Spring is right around the corner and we have been very busy the last few months donating AEDS, hosting Cardiac Screening Events, training people in CPR/AED, and raising the overall awareness of sudden cardiac arrest. Since you last heard from us, we have donated 48 more AEDS!

We partnered with the John G. Martin Foundation and donated 23 AEDS to Hartford County schools, businesses, and other organizations. We truly appreciate the John G. Martin Foundation for their support.

We also partnered with Lucky Mother, a Stamford, CT based organization that was started after Melissa Fay survived a sudden cardiac arrest while running on the treadmill at the New Canaan YMCA. We have worked together to host a CPR/AED awareness class where over 60 people came to learn important life saving skills. We have also partnered and donated multiple AEDS back to Stamford, CT.

We worked with our More George family to donate 12 AEDS to the Wilton, CT community. We donated 7 AEDS to the high school athletic department to ensure there is ALWAYS an AED on the sideline of EVERY practice, home game, or away game. We also donated 5 AEDS to the Parks and Recreation Department and these AEDS will be accessible outdoors at the parks in town 24-7.

Finally, we worked with The Korey Stringer Institute and their innovATe program and donated 4 AEDS to the innovATe award winners. The mission of the innovATe project is to increase access to medical care provided by an athletic trainer for secondary school athletes in underserved communities through the provision of funding, advocacy, education, mentorship, and strategic support to school districts and through partnerships with local medical services.

Some of our other AED recipients include Covenant Prep (Hartford, CT), Brooklyn Little League (Brooklyn, CT), and Fairfield Youth Lacrosse (Fairfield, CT).

In addition to donating AEDS, we hosted 2 Cardiac Screening Events at the Comstock Community Center in Wilton, CT and Notre Dame Fairfield in Fairfield, CT. In total we provided over 500 FREE electrocardiograms (EKGs) to children, teens and young adults. You can find all information and register for our upcoming screening events here.

In A Heartbeat is coming back to Florida! On Sunday, March 24, we are hosting our annual Ocean Republic Brewing Event in Stuart, FL! Click here to register.

You can support In A Heartbeat by purchasing A Big Heart, a memoir written by our President & Founder, Mike Papale. Click here to order your copy now! 15% of all proceeds will support our life saving mission.

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us SAVE LIVES from sudden cardiac arrest and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy!

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