Only Five Percent Survive. I’m One of the Five Percent

July 23, 2017

On Thursday, May 18 a little past three in the afternoon my life changed. Forever. That morning was just like any other morning.

I went to work just like any other day. Went home and enjoyed some leftovers from the night before. I love to eat. Afterwards, I stopped by and visited a couple of clients and then headed back to the office. Finished some paperwork, swiveled around and filed it in the cabinet. Spun back around toward my desk. Suddenly I felt light headed. Really light headed. I remember saying to myself, “Wooow. I’ve never felt like this before.” I laid my head on my desk as my brain tingled and surged with an overwhelming rush I had never experienced before. I remember thinking to myself, “Standup. Shake it off.” I began to push myself up and that’s the last thing I remember.

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